Rebuild With Community Radio

There has never been a better opportunity to rebuild the local economy with community radio
The crisis of the last 100 days has shown us that now, possibly more than ever, we need a strong community radio sector to help regenerate our towns and high streets in the months and years ahead.

Tell Rishi Sunak to Rebuild With Community Radio

Thursday 3rd December 2020

Dear Supporter

We're asking you to email HM Treasury to urge the Chancellor to fund a Community Radio Stimulus Package to help community radio stations rebuild our high streets and town centres. It's a very tight deadline as the Chancellor is expected to make a statement on Wednesday 8th July - so get your family and friends involved too!

Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, more than 300 community radio stations have played a vital role in galvanising local support, developing information networks, and supporting neighbourhood connections. However, at a time when their communities now need them to help rebuild, these stations are facing significant hardship, reductions in staff and capacity, and possible closure.

A small amount of support from the Treasury now will help the community radio sector to play its part in regenerating local economies throughout the UK.


  Chancellor of the Exchequer
  Chief Secretary to the Treasury
  Financial Secretary to the Treasury
  Economic Secretary to the Treasury
  Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury
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